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42th Annual Show - August 18,19,20 2017
Osage Church
Osage Baptist Church, moved to the LIRPF showgrounds and completely renovated in 2006–now being used for gospel music and programming during the LIRPF threshing shows!
The Food Building and Snack Shack are open all day, in case you get hungry. Be sure to try the delicious corn-on-the-cob!
No pets allowed on showgrounds, except service dogs.


- Log-handling/loading pageantry, using horses
- Lumber sawing on a 95-year-old sawmill
- Lumber planing
- Shingle and lath making
- Log sawing demonstrations
- Grain threshing
- Horse teams/machinery
- Daily parades
- Gas, steam, and diesel engines
      (including big upright diesel generators)
- Model engines and machines
- Scale model railroad with steam locomotives
- Tractors
- Vehicles
- Antique tools
- Engines that work
- Grain grinding

Display Centers to Visit:
- 100-Year-Old Rural Schoolhouse
- Anderson’s Engine Shed
- Auditorium Picture Gallery
- Berge’s Hot-Air Building
- Blacksmith Shop
- Busse Display Building
- Country School House
- Fairbanks-Morse Engine Building
- Hemmerich Logging Memorial Building
- Hines Machinery Building
- Levorsen Logging Memorial Building
- Levorsen Sawmill Engine
- Murray-Corliss 340 horsepower Sawmill Engine
- North Itasca Railroad
- Osage Baptist Church - 1887
- Paulson log house - 1902
- Reid Engine Building
- Sawmill Hill
- Skadsem Engine Building
- Stenseng Engine Building
- Teige Engine Building
- Wallingford’s Store - 1937
- Women’s Activity Building

Daily Scheduled Events:
- Log Handling/Loading
- Lumber Sawing and Planing
- Shingle and Lath Making
- Parades
- Threshing
- Engines and Machinery in Operation
- Broom Making
- And More!


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